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Workspaces and Studios

Clay Model Studio

This studio has a full-scale clay model layout machine with which students can produce full-size clay models of vehicles and other objects.

CAM Model Lab

Digital design is performed by computer modeling and simulation. High level equipment such as 3D CAMs and 3D printers are available.

Multimedia Studio

The multimedia production studio has a soundproof capsule with recording capabilities. In this studio students can create and edit digital sound, create audio materials and Flash media, game and web content.

Human Function Lab

In this lab students collect various types of data relating to people that is needed to create user-friendly tools and comfortable environments.

Photography Studio

A professional photography studio with a depth of 12 meters, equipped with a ceiling-mounted Fatif studio stand, Balcar lighting and a white backdrop.
The campus also has many other well-equipped facilities for various types of production, such as a pottery studio, drafting room, an interior design modeling studio, etc.
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