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Graduate School of Design

SUAC provides curricula that build sophisticated expert abilities in a diversity of fields of design.
This means accommodating everything from changes in the times – such as a society that is more information savvy, older, recycling resources more and more – to planning and promoting a project and giving shape to it.

Characteristics of the Curriculum Composition

The curriculum is composed of three stages. After admission into the graduate school, students select their faculty supervisor and enroll in the necessary subject according to the guidance received.
The Area of Theory This is composed of specialized subjects of small classes that fit each area of design.
Through theoretical learning of each subject, the base for student learning is a cross-section of areas of specialties that enhance the ability to take an interdisciplinary approach. 
The Area of Exercises This is composed of theoretical exercises and internships, and students both deepen and develop their familiarity with areas of theory while also equipping themselves with practical skills. Students narrow the scope of the subjects they wish to pursue and proceed according to their research plan.
Special Research Under the guidance of a faculty supervisor, students proceed with research activities for
the duration of their enrollment in the graduate school and submit their findings as a master’s thesis at the end of their second year. It is also possible to submit a master’s project
(a product, etc.) in lieu of a master’s thesis.
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