Center Teachers


国際文化学科 教授 池上 重弘(日本)

The English and Chinese Language Education Center provides you a wonderful and exciting environment for learning both English and Chinese. The Center teachers, with the help of SUAC voluntary students, set up a wide variety of events and activities such as lunch time conversation, international community forums and many kinds of joyful parties. Furthermore, teachers are always available to help you if you need any advice on studying abroad and how to enhance your ability of using a foreign language. Mastering a foreign language requires a positive attitude. If you want to use a foreign language and truly ‘feel’ the atmosphere of a foreign country, please do not hesitate to come to the Center. You are welcome anytime!

池上重弘 教授(教員紹介)

国際文化学科 教授 横田 秀樹(日本)


横田秀樹 教授(教員紹介)
Jack Ryan 教授写真

国際文化学科 教授 Jack Ryan(アメリカ)

My name is Jack and I come from California. My hobbies are reading, traveling and studying Japanese. My Japanese studies remind me how challenging learning another language can be. That’s why the Language Education Center can be a big help in your English studies. With monthly events, lots of language learning resources and a teacher on hand everyday to offer help and just chat we invite students and members of the community to take advantage of the resources available at the Language Education Center!

Jack Ryan 教授(教員紹介)
Edward Sarich 教授写真

国際文化学科 教授 Edward Sarich(カナダ)

Hi! My name is Ted. I come from Canada. I love music, sports, and games of all kinds. My hobbies are playing basketball, listening to classical music, and chess. I love meeting new people and hope you’ll drop by the language center if you want to chat, or if you need any help with your English studies. I think the language center can be a valuable resource for students who would like to polish their language skills or learn about other cultures. I also hope that together we can participate in some fun activities that will help foster multicultural understanding in the local community. Looking forward to meeting you!

Edward Sarich 教授(教員紹介)
羅 沢宇 特任講師写真

特任講師 羅 沢宇(中国)



羅 沢宇 特任講師(教員紹介)

特任講師 上村明英(日本)

Hello, I'm Akie Uemura. I was not good at English at the beginning, but I finally studied abroad and became an English teacher. So I can say you can do it! I think the most important thing to improve your English is to be an active learner. Come to the Language Education Center and enjoy English. Join our events and use various resources. Once you get used to it, you will be excited to find new people or ideas and come to have a will to express yourself in English as well. Of course, you can ask me any questions in Japanese about English learning or studying abroad. We are always ready to support you to learn languages and expand your world. I'm looking forward to seeing you very soon.

上村明英 特任講師(教員紹介)
Nicholas James Cooper 特任講師写真

特任講師 Nick Cooper(オーストラリア)

Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Nick Cooper and I'm form Korea. Well, actually I'm from Australia but I've lived in Korea for the past 4 years teaching in Busan. My hobbies are writing and playing tennis(I'm not very good), and I love learnig about history. I'm particularly interested in helping students better become autonomous learners inside the classroom and out. In my experience, there is always more than one way to do things and learning a language is no different! This is my first time in Hamamatsu and I'm looking forward to getting to know each of you and working at the English and Chinese Language Education Center!

Nick Cooper 特任講師(教員紹介)
鈴木 元子 教授写真

国際文化学科 教授 鈴木元子(日本)

皆さん、こんにちは。鈴木元子です。趣味は読書と水泳です。私の楽しみは外国を一人旅することで、大学3年生のときにアメリカに留学してから、もう20カ国以上を訪問しました。その国の人たちとの何気ない会話が心をリフレッシュさせてくれます。学生の皆さん、今度新しく開設されたSUAC英語・中国語教育センターを大いに利用してください。ここで気軽にチャットを楽しみ、スピーキング力を伸ばしましょう! センターで英気を養ってから、TOEICやIELTSにチャレンジすることをお勧めします。

鈴木元子 教授(教員紹介)
美濃部 京子 教授写真

国際文化学科 教授 美濃部京子(日本)


美濃部京子 教授(教員紹介)
兪 嶸准教授

国際文化学科 教授 兪 嶸(中国)

大家好。我叫俞嵘 来自中国西北部的一个古老城市,西安。我很高兴能够在英文中文教育中心跟大家分享学习外语的心得和乐趣。这里有很多有趣的活动,能够帮助大家提高学习中文的兴趣。这里还有和善的中文老师,随时解答大家在学习中文过程中的各种问题。希望大家能够通过学好中文打开一扇观察中国的窗口。

Hi. My name is Yu Rong. I come from Xi’an, an ancient city in northwest China. I’m delighted to share my experience and joys of foreign language learning with you at the Language Education Center. Lots of interesting activities are held here to make everybody more interested in Chinese learning. There are also easy-going Chinese teachers at the center. We are ready to answer all kinds of questions about Chinese learning. I hope you can learn Chinese so well that it will help you to look at China.

兪 嶸 准教授(教員紹介)

国際文化学科 准教授 崔 学松(中国)


崔 学松 准教授(教員紹介)