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Graduate School of Cultural Policy and Management

Students choose one out of the four areas of research specialization available to conduct cross-disciplinary, interdisciplinary research based on that area. Our diverse community of students include those from various fields of study, as well as working people and international students. SUAC students have the opportunity to engage in research while interacting with one another.

Arts Management

Focus on management of non-profit or public arts organizations such as orchestras, theaters, and art museums. As a full member of the AAAE (Association of Arts Administration Educators), we provide a comprehensive arts management program according to international standards.

Creative Industry

Focus on public policy for creative industries which include both non-profit and for-profit arts and cultural industries such as art museums, theaters and entertainment industries. It includes development of human resources, network formation, and intermediate support.

Community Building and Local Governance

Focus on community building policy, structural reform of local government, and policy evaluation. It includes cooperation with local government,  community-based organizations, and NGOs.

Civil Society and Cultural Diversity

Focus on cultural diversity and community building, community management, and international cooperation NGOs.

A Diverse Student Body with a Strong Sense of Purpose

Over the last decade, about 30% of graduate students have continued from the SUAC under graduate program, while those from other universities have come from a broad array of programs that includehumanities, social sciences, natural science,and the arts. 30% of our graduate students are those who have returned to study after entering the workforce.
In recent years we have also seen an increase in the percentage of international students from Asia.

A Human Resource Network that Extends Across Society

Graduates of the Graduate School of Cultural Policy and Management are successfully active in specialized work in arts and culture at theaters and other cultural institutions, as well as at venues that cover a broad spectrum that includes private non-profit organizations and private corporate groups. Many of our graduates continue to make use of a network of experts even after graduation to be successfully active.

Research Performance Gaining Attention

Reflecting the immense scope of the frontiers of cultural policy, students of the Graduate School of Cultural Policy and Management do more than just acquire expertise but also proactively engage in original research themes. The results of these projects are presented at meetings of academic societies and contribute to problem solving for society.
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