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Graduate School of Design

SUAC provides a curriculum that nurtures sophisticated, expert abilities in a diversity of fields of design.
Students engage in planning, promoting and implementing projects for an aging society that is knowledgeable about information technology and resource recycling.

Research Stages

The Graduate School of Design curriculum consists of three stages. Upon admission, each student selects a supervisor and enrolls in the necessary classes based on the supervisor’s guidance.
 Advanced Courses Small classes of specialized subjects are offered in various areas of design.
Theoretical instruction in each subject forms the basis of student learning. Instruction in a cross-section of specialties enhances students' ability to take an interdisciplinary approach. 
 Practical Training This course is composed of design training and internships, where students deepen their familiarity with design theories while developing practical skills.
 Special Research Under the guidance of a supervisor, graduate students undertake research activities and submit their findings as a master’s thesis at the end of their second year.
It is also possible to submit a master’s project (product) in lieu of a master’s thesis.
Students who have obtained designated credits from the Graduate School of Design are eligible, with two years of practical experience, to take the first-class architect qualification exam.
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