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Please read the Guide for Applicants carefully before you click the "Apply Online" button to begin the online application process.

You can save the data you entered by setting up your e-mail address and password, however, to complete your applications, you need to display "Submitted" page after filling in all required information.

After submitting an online application, you will automatically receive a comfirmation email for your records.  Once we have received all required application items, we will process your application.

    *1 When saving the data, you have to use your valid e-mail address, since a one-time PIN is sent to it.
    *2   If you forget your password, you need to enter your data from the beginning.
    *3   Once your application is submitted, you can not change arias or a role registered.

The followings are sample images of the application form for your reference.
Information about Uploading Errors
Depending on your network environment, you may experience prolonged processing times. Typically, your files should complete processing in less than a minute; however, if your files do not get converted within several minutes, you can either wait for a little while longer, OR choose "Mail" and submit your files by post, by clicking the CANCEL button to cancel the upload process.
If you need any further information, please feel free to contact us. (opera@suac.ac.jp)
The online application period will begin on January 8, 2020 and end at noon April 30, 2020(JST). 
* Only for the period above, you can click the button below to access to the online application form.
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