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Interview with Laureates vol.1 (part1)

November 14, 2013
Ms. Tamayo YOSHIDA, the 2nd prize (top-ranked) winner of the 6th competition, shares her experiencesof the event. This interview was filmed after Ms. Tamayo performed the role of Fiordiligi in the Mozart classic Cosi Fan Tutte in September 2013.
What made you to decide to participate in the 6th competition?

When I participated in the 5th competition, I couldn’t go on to the 2nd round. As I decided to join the 6th competition which was my last chance due to the age limit, I thought with good preparation I wanted to see how far I could go.
In the 1st round, you sang the Fiordiligi’s aria “Come scoglio immoto resta”, which you have also sung today.
Before I sang the aria in the 2011 competition, I had never performed this role on the stage---only I would sing the aria at some concerts. This aria is difficult to sing...you may need to learn some techniques, such as legato and agitato, and to have  a wide vocal range...but I decided to give it a try. Today, as I performed the role and sang the aria, I realized that I had been unable to get into the role on the stage of the 1st round. 
How did you feel on the day of the 2nd round?

I chose the role of “Donna Anna” for my 2nd round as I had performed the role in Japan and in Austria before. The most difficult thing was---I had to sing the designated scenes in a row for about 20 minutes. In addition, I had to sing like I was with my partner---actually I was by myself with the exception of  my accompanist. Fortunately, thanks to my accompanist, I believe I sang to the fullest.
How did you feel on the stage of the final round?
I got onto the stage with my feelings of gratitude for the orchestra members, volunteer staff, and many other people who had supported me.  Also, on the competition day, I heard that people who were affected by the East Japan Earthquake were invited to the event. I decidec to sing "Ave Maria" in respect to them. I sang from the bottom of my heart without thinking of winning.  I think that’s why I could do my best and receive the prize.

The second part of Tamayo's interview is coming out soon. Don't miss it !
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