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Interview with Laureates vol. 1 (part 2)

December 13, 2013
Here is the second part of the interview with Ms. Yoshida.

Tamayo YOSHIDA ( at the 6th competition)
Is there something you have learned from participating in the competition and finally winning the prizes?
Before I decided to participate in the competition, I had been practicing by myself, feeling a little unsure if I was practicing the right way. Winning is not everything, but after receiving the prize, I gained a sense of accomplishment and was given confidence to strive more this way.

At the farewell party after the awards ceremony, I had a chance to talk with the judges and I noticed there was something missing in my performance. Through this, I realized I should keep moving forward with continuous effort.
Can you give some advice to singers who are considering applying for the next competition 2014?
At this event, you will have a chance to sing and perform in front of judges with international experiences in the field of opera, music, and theater. You can also see how far you can go.  Please don’t be reluctant and hold back. This event will offer you opportunities to develop your career .  I encourage you to compete and challenge yourself.
Ms. Yoshida, thank you for taking the time with us.  

Please follow up a new interview featuring the laureates of the competition!
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