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Interview with Laureates vol.2

February 12, 2014
The following interview is the 2nd in the series with the Laureates. Ms. Eri TAKAHASHI won the 3rd prize in the 2011 competition.
Why did you decide to be an opera singer?
As a 4th grade of elementary school student, one of my friends invited me to join the chorus club. For the next 8 years, I enjoyed singing in the club. When I was in  junior high school, I had a chance to hear an opera singer perform live, and I thought I would like to sing and perform like her.

competition 2011 Awards Ceremony
Looking back on the 6th competition…
What made me the happiest was that I was awarded the audience prize as well as the 3rd prize, and it gave me confidence.  I think it would give me great pleasure if my singing would move the audience.
During the competition,even  through I had a busy schedule, I tried to keep myself in good condition for my best performance .


At New National Theatre Tokyo
What is the most impressive role or opera you have ever performed?
Every time I am offered a part in an opera, I completely get into the role. Among the roles I have performed, especially the portrayal of Liu in Turandot stands out. It gave me a whole different view about what is important for us, the meaning of true love.
In the future・・・
Now, I am interested in singing the part of Mimi in <La Boheme> as well as the role of Marschallin in <Der Rosenkavalier>. In the future, I hope I can give very moving performances to the audience, and I also hope they like my performances.
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