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Congratulations!! Poster Design Contest Winner and Finalists!

March 24, 2014
The committee of Shizuoka International Opera Competition held a contest for students at Shizuoka University of Art and Culture (SUAC) to design posters for the 7th competition, which will take place this November.
Sota ISHIKAWA won the grand prize and the second prizes went to Wakaba OKUBO, Ayaka SAWANO and Marina TAKAHASHI. The special prize went to Chiharu ARAKI.
The  following students were the winner and the finalists of the poster design contest of the 7th competition.

From left, Chiharu ARAKI, Ayaka SAWANO, Isao KUMAKURA (President),
  Sota ISHIKAWA, Wakaba OKUBO and Marina TAKAHASHI

The project started in October 2013, with 14 students at SUAC under the guidance of Prof. Kunio SAI. Through several meetings held regularly, they edited and improved their designs.  As with the posters of the past opera competitions, each poster should illustrate Mr. Fuji, which represents Japan as well as Shizuoka Pref., as a motif. Students were also requested to present their own interpretation of "opera" or "opera competition".

Discussion Meetings


Sota ISHIKAWA (Dept. of Industrial Design)
At last, 14 students presented their posters before the judging panel. The judging members were impressed by the high level of creativity and professional approach that was shown in every single poster. 

All the poster entries (15 posters) will be displayed at the competition venue of ACT City Hamamatsu Main Hall during the competition period.

We thank the efforts and contributions of all the students to promote the 7th competition.
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