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"Mt. Fuji OPERA CHANNEL" is related to the streaming program “Mt. FUJI OPERA week” released on November 2020, and provides a variety of videos to introduce attractiveness of the Mt. Fuji International Opera Competition of Shizuoka from many aspects of it. This page not only features aria performances of laureates but also provides interview with those who support the competition, etc. Stay tuned for more updates!

August 2021  [Interview] Competition Volunteers

Interviewee :

TOTSUKA Akemi, HAYASHI Tamiko, NAKAMURA Sachiko (from Hamamatsu Volunteer Guide "HELP")

“HELP (Hamamatsu English Loving Pals) ” was established in September, 2001. People who love English have gathered, and 39 people registered as a member of “HELP” as of 2020. They volunteer in many international events including not only for the Mt. Fuji International Opera Competition of Shizuoka but also for Hamamatsu International Piano Competition, Rugby World Cup Japan 2019, and Hamamatsu International Summit on Intercity Collaboration 2019. Furthermore, they work as volunteer interpreters according to requests from public organizations. They meet on the third Monday of every month and have a study session to promote a further understanding of English.

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June 2021  [Interview] Competition poster designer

Interviewee : 

ITO Hiroto
(Poster Design Project for the 9th competition, the Grand Prize Winner)
-Senior student, Dept. of Design, Faculty of Design, Shizuoka University Art and Culture(SUAC)

"Poster Design Project" is a project in which students studying design at SUAC hold a series of meetings for two months and take their professor's advice to create a poster design. The students who participate put in their posters how they want to convey the images of the opera competition that they picture in mind. The design chosen for the grand prize is supposed to be used to promote the competition in a variety of advertising materials, including posters.

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