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Application FAQs

 *The eligibility has been changed to 36 or younger (born on or after October 28, 1986) as an exceptional measure for the 9th competition postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Questions about Submitting Piano Scores
11. When do I need to submit piano scores?
12. Which piano scores do I need to submit?

Questions about applying

1. How can I get the Guide for Applicants and the Application Form?

You can download all application documents from our website.

2. According to the guide, candidates aged 33 or younger (born on or after October 31, 1986)* are eligible. Is there a minimum age limit?  

*The eligibility has been changed to 36 or younger (born on or after October 28, 1986) as an exceptional measure for the 9th competition postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

No, there is no minimum age limit.

Questions about registering pieces and the role

3.What are “proposed arias”?
“Proposed arias” are four arias which an applicant choose to sing at the first round and the final round. At each round, an applicant sing an aria which the judging committee selects from the four arias. An applicant do not sing all four arias. No aria lists is provided so that an applicant choose his/her “proposed arias” freely.

4. Is it possible to select a piece that is not an opera aria (such as oratorio aria, concert aria, or musical, etc.)?

No. Pieces other than opera arias are not acceptable.

5. For the preliminary audition, is it acceptable to record aria(s) which I will also choose as my competition repertoire?

Yes. The arias recorded for the preliminary audition can be the same as the arias chosen for your competition repertoire.

6. For the preliminary audition, am I supposed to choose the pieces from a designated list, or can I choose freely according to my preference?

You can choose the pieces freely. Be sure to choose opera arias.

7. ‘List of Self-Chosen Roles for the 2nd round’ does not include the role I want to perform. May I register a role that is not on the list?

No. An applicant is required to choose and register a role from the list.

8. Is it all right if the ‘self-chosen arias’ and the ‘proposed arias’ for the 1st round and the final round include the any aria(s) sung by the ‘self-chosen role’ of the 2nd round?

No, it is not acceptable. Arias sung by the self-chosen role of your choice should not be chosen as ‘self-chosen arias’ or ‘proposed arias’ for the 1st round and the final round.
【EX】When you choose the role of Mimi in the Puccini Opera La Boheme, numbered 15 on the list of self-chosen roles, you cannot choose the aria called “Mi chiamano Mimi” from Act 1 or the aria called “Donde lieta usci” from Act 3 as your “self-chosen arias” or “proposed arias”.

9. Can I select the scene I perform in the 2nd round?

No. The Judging Committee will assign the scene to be performed to the contestants after the contestants have passed the 1st round.
10. Is it possible to change arias or a role after an applicant submits an application?
No. An applicant cannot change his/her arias or role for any reason once the application is submitted. An applicant is advised to choose arias and a role carefully.

Questions about Submitting Piano Scores

11. When do I need to submit piano scores?

Please submit those after passing the preliminary audition.

12. Which piano scores do I need to submit?

You need to submit 6 piano scores as a total including "Self-Chosen Arias" for the 1st and the final rounds and "Proposed Arias."

Questions about Recording for the Preliminary Audition

13. Can I send my audio recording as an e-mail attachment in audio file format?

No.You can upload your recording files online at our official website.

14. Do you accept DVDs?

No. DVDs are NOT acceptable.

15. I recorded the two pieces separately on two CDs. Can I submit both of them?

No. Two pieces should be recorded on one CD.

16. Pieces other than the required two pieces for the preliminary audition are recorded on the same CD. Is it all right if I submit the recording medium as it is?

Please erase the unnecessary pieces.

17. I recorded two pieces at the two different places. Is the recording acceptable?

Yes. It doesn’t matter, as long as the two pieces are recorded on one CD.

18. How good should the sound quality of the recording be for the preliminary audition?

It should be good enough for the jury members to listen, without any interference or noise.

Questions about application documents

19. Regarding “Contact Address” in the Application Form, which address should I give?

Write a secondary address where you can be contacted by the Secretariat in case you are away from your “Present Address”.
*The Secretariat will contact the address given as the ‘Present Address’

20. My friend and I are going to apply for the competition. Is it all right if we put our application documents together in one package and send it?

No. Application and sending must be made individually.

Questions about Official accompanist

21. Is it possible to register an official pianist of the competition as my ‘accompanying pianist’ if I ask privately?

No. Official pianists cannot be contestants’accompanying pianists.

22. I would like to accompany my own pianist, but it is difficult to confirm his/her schedule by the application deadline.

When the schedule of your accompanist is fixed, please notify the name of your pianist of the Secretariat by the end of July.
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