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"Le nozze di Figaro" Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater hitaru

Event Information


MIURA Yasuhiro, the jury of the Mt. Fuji International Opera Competition of Shizuoka, is joining as a director in Mozart's "Le nozze di Figaro" held at Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater hitaru (Hokkaido, Japan) on February 26 and 28.

hitaru Opera Project
“Le nozze di Figaro” 

Date Sunday,  February 26, 2023
Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Venue Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater hitaru (Hokkaido, Japan)
Details See "Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater hitaru" website.

Sapporo Cultural Arts Theatre hitaru is a hall built in Sapporo in 2018. According to their website, "This is the theater with a three-level balcony structure. And it is the first one in Hokkaido with a multi-sided stage that opera, ballet, and other performing arts can be performed in a wide variety of productions."

This hitaru hosts the hitaru Opera Project, a project to create and present operas using hitaru as a stage, with the cooperation of local opera groups, educational institutions, performing artists, and others. As the first event of this project, "Le nozze di Figaro" by Mozart will be performed, and Mr. MIURA is involved in the direction of the production. According to Mr. MIURA, since the opera was to be performed in Sapporo, the northern city in Japan, he wanted to create a production that would make you imagine "North." This opera evokes not the Sevilla of Spain, but rather the court of Russia. One newspaper reported a photo of a huge poplar tree on the stage as a symbol of the "North".

The performers are mainly singers with connections to Sapporo and Hokkaido. Whether you live there or not, please look forward to the "Hokkaido Opera" or "Figaro in the Northland".

MIURA Yasuhiro
MIURA Yasuhiro
(Jury of the Mt. Fuji Opera)