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Interview with Laureates Vol.1

February 3, 2020
We are now sharing youtube videos of interviews with past competition laureates. This video is filled with messages to future applicants appying for the 9th competition.
The vol.1 is the interview with SHIGIHARA Nami who was the first-prize winner of the 7th competition.
What is the attraction of Mt. Fuji International Opera Competition of Shizuoka?

This competition is a first step to successful carrier for young singers. Everything is fascinating, including distinguished jury to judge and a hall to be held. I would like you to apply for this competition, since it is a good opportunity to learn more about improving your skills.
What did your participation in this competition bring to you?

I was able to acquire a whole of one opera I chose for the competition. Different from other competitions, this competition is quite unique in that you have to memorize and learn a whole of one opera and you can be informed which part of it you perform on stage on the day before your performance date.   So it is suited to be named “Opera Competition.” Learning about a whole of one opera would be an asset for you. In addition to that, it is very characteristic of this competition that young singers from all over the world and superb juries listen to your singing.
Please give a message for young singers to apply for the next competition.

This competition is well-organized. Financial support of expenses for travelling and accommodation helps you to participate in the competition. Also, you can concentrate on singing since volunteers give full support to you, so you should try this competition. I hope you would go to the final round and then enjoy feeling of pleasure, tension and achievement by singing with a great conductor and orchestra, because there is not so much chance to sing accompanied with an orchestra in an orchestra pit. 
                   Click the Youtube screen below to watch the video.
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