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The 8th Competition

The 8th Mt.Fuji International Opera Competition of Shizuoka

Venue ACT City Hamamatsu Main Hall
The 1st Round Saturday, November 11 - Monday, November 13, 2017
The 2nd Round Wednesday, November 15 - Thursday, November 16, 2017
The Final Round and Awards Ceremony Sunday, November 19, 2017
Conductor TAKAHASHI Naoshi
Orchestra Tokyo Symphony Orchestra


1st Prize MOON Sehoon Tenor, South Korea
[Performances after the competition]
2018 3rd place in 55 Tenor Viñas Contest
2018 Glyndebourne Festival Opera <Der Rosenkavalier> Ein Sänger
2018 Malmö Opera <La traviata> Alfredo Germont
2nd Prize LI Ao Bass-Baritone, China
[Performances after the competition]
2018 North Carolina Opera <Norma> Oroveso
2018 National Centre for the Performing Arts, China <Don Giovanni> Leporello
3rd Prize KO ByungJun Baritone, South Korea
MIURA Tamaki
Special Prize
JO Hironori Tenor, Japan
[Performances after the competition]
2018 Tokyo Nikikai Opera Theatre <Norma> Pollione
2018 Sapporo Cultural Arts Foundation, Kanagawa Arts Foundation, Oita Prefectural Art Culture and Sports Foundation <Aida> Radames
1st Prize MOON Sehoon
2nd Prize LI Ao
3rd Prize KO ByungJun
MIURA Tamaki Special Prize JO Hironori
Successful Contestants CHO ChanHee Bass, South Korea
JO Hironori Tenor, Japan
KOBORI Yusuke Tenor, Japan
Successful Contestant CHO ChanHee
Successful Contestant KOBORI Yusuke


Chairperson KIMURA Toshimitsu Japan
Members CHOI Sang-Ho South Korea
David GOWLAND United Kingdom
HAMADA Rie Japan
Werner HINK Austria
IHARA Naoko Japan
MIURA Yasuhiro Japan
Françoise POLLET France
Gabriella TUCCI Italy
Awards Ceremony
Awards Ceremony
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