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Department of Art Management

We educate creative individuals who will enter the workforce with the ability to produce encounters between art and society and give form to sensibility.

Students learn from multiple perspectives how to create encounters between art and society. Students study economics, management, legal systems and policy to apply to their studies of theory, history and practical knowledge regarding topics ranging from classical arts to music, drama, modern art and contemporary multimedia. To further apply this knowledge they study the process from event planning to implementation and are ready to enter the workforce as individuals who can engage in the planning and administration of new artistic and cultural projects.

Primary Skills

Art management ability
Understanding of art and culture

Specialized Concentrations

Students study in a combination of three areas: art and culture, policy and management, and art management practicum. They learn in-depth about art and culture in the first, study society that supports culture and art and the frameworks that underlie it in the second, and synthesize this knowledge by practically applying it in the third. In this way our students master integrated methods that apply art and culture to society.
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