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Department of Regional Cultural Policy and Management

SUAC develops individuals capable of pursuing new roles for within society from the perspectives of policy, management, and information.

Based on the traits of contemporary societies and communities and a focus on areas where culture meets with policy, students learn about how to enhance the quality of people’s lives and what can be done to make those lives more rewarding. SUAC develops individuals who take a multifaceted view of policy, management, and information to equip themselves with both the theory and practical skills to use in actual work in public administration and business. These are individuals with the expertise and ability to take action so that they can contribute to the invigoration of civil society and industrial society.

Primary Skills

Formulation of policy and strategy
Information management

Specialized Concentrations

After learning the areas of policy, management, and information, which provide the foundation, students study relations with and roles between culture and communities and industrial society. Exercises are provided to equip students with the cultural of practicality that will be needed for life in the real world.
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