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Department of Design

SUAC learners acquire comprehensive design ability and cutting-edge expertise.

The Area of
Design Philosophy
Students learn History, Universal Design, Design Management, and all of the other extensive basics of Design in order to develop the ability to contribute in various fields to the diversifying art of design.
The Area of Products Centering on changes in society and the perspective of people, the possibilities of product design are researched and proposed through practical methods. SUAC develops individuals who create new values that lead to a good life.
The Area of
Visuals and Sounds
Visual, aural, and physical sensations are engaged through the use of media such as visuals, graphics, and sound so that SUAC develops individuals who create design that is original and has added value.
The Area of Architecture
and Environment
Students develop the ability to apply extensive design learning with Architecture as the foundation to acquire the ability to create living places that are not only comfortable but also environmentally friendly and sustainable.
The Area of Interactions SUAC develops individuals who create things that are both tangible and intangible – things that are hands-on and connect people and society by fusing and combining the knowledge that straddles diversifying fields of design.
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