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In order to encourage research activities by professors, participants are solicited internally to engage in special research that is based on themes determined by the university president, faculty chairs, each graduate school director, and the Art and Culture Research Center director. The research results are disseminated to the community and world. A plethora of contracted research and joint research projects are also conducted. Individual faculty members are engaged in research funded externally by programs such as Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (series of single-year grants from MEXT).

Research Promotion System

1.Special Research Program

SUAC has six special research programs: those of the university president, faculty chairs (of two faculties), graduate school directors (of two graduate schools), and the Art and Culture Research Center director. Research grants are applied for by SUAC faculty members and allotted according to the decision of an internal committee on the basis of the research purpose, research content, and area of specialty of the researcher.
Special research projects proceed forward in spans of one year or even two or three, and the results are published in a variety of ways at academic society research presentations inside and outside of SUAC, as well as in publications, academic journals, and internal research bulletins.

2.Contracted Research and Joint Research

Every year SUAC faculty members conduct many research projects with local government bodies and companies. They proceed forward with research contracted externally and done jointly with companies and others.

3.External Funding

1) Application for Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (MEXT) are applied for and received by many faculty every year.

2) Miscellaneous
Research subsidies made available to the public by the national government, local governments, and businesses are applied for and received by many faculty every year.

Art and Culture Research Center

The Art and Culture Research Center is a SUAC affiliated facility that determines key areas of research that can contribute to the local community, and promotes such research on a university-wide basis. It disseminates the various research findings of projects the two faculties collaborate on to facilitate wide-ranging exchange with the local community.
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