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Research Activities

Toward new and innovative research, faculty members are encouraged to apply for SUAC Special Research Funds. They are also expected to obtain external private or governmental research funds such as Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research.

Research Promotion System

1.Special Research Program

Research grants are allocated according to the decision of an internal committee, based on the research purpose, research content, and area of speciality of each applicant. These special research projects are from one to three years in length, and the results are presented at academic conferences and published in academic journals.

2.Contracted Research and Joint Research

Many faculty members are conducting special research projects requested by local government bodies and private companies. They are also engaged in externally contracted joint research conducted with private companies and other organizations.

3.External Funding

1) Application for Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

A number of faculty members receive Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research every year.

2) Other Funds

Many faculty members receive research subsidies every year provided by the national government, local governments, private companies, NPOs and NGOs.
Art and Culture Research Center
SUAC’s Art and Culture Research Center disseminates various research findings resulting from faculty collaboration and facilitates wide-ranging exchange with the local community. The Center also holds public courses and seminars highlighting the expertise, skills and networks of SUAC faculty.