Undergraduate Faculties and Graduate Schools

Our Two Faculties and Two Graduate Schools

Our Two Faculties and Two Graduate Schools

What Makes SUAC Special

Through curricula that equip students with various experiences and fresh perspectives, we enrich the sensibilities of our learners to and nurture their capability to create new value and culture for the global community.

1. Laying the Foundations

Liberal Arts Education

  • Broadening students' horizons.
  • In addition to studying world views and how the past has shaped the present, students also learn from the latest research and take part in classes that are directly connected to life in the modern world.
  • SUAC’s unique approach to art and design supplements the traditional educational core of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences to provide a distinctively modern liberal arts education.
Liberal Arts Education

2. Introductory Courses

General Education

  • Equipping students with specialized knowledge along with opportunities for practical experience, providing an education that is unique to SUAC.
  • Classes are kept small and students' intelligence and sensibilities are cultivated through hands-on experiences with traditional Japanese cultural arts such as tea ceremony, kyogen drama, photography, and haiku, together with modern photography.
  • Students are equipped not only with fundamental literacy skills (reading, writing, use of information technology) in order to become proficient in writing papers and giving presentations, they are also given opportunities to develop other practical skills that are useful in the real world.
General Education

3. Acquiring Skills Useful in the Real World

Practical Learning

  • A practical curriculum that opens up new paths for students after graduation. As part of the learning process, students engage in all phases of projects, from conceptualization and planning to presentation and implementation.
  • Over the course of four years, students further enhance their skills by learning how to solve real-world challenges through project planning, community collaboration, self-directed tasks, and more.
practical learning

4. Active on the World Stage

English, Chinese and Other World Languages

  • Practical language competency and broad cultural knowledge are necessary in order to work effectively in today’s global society.
  • Our world languages program is reinforced through collaboration with the English and Chinese Language Education Center, which houses full-time English and Chinese instructors.
  • Our comprehensive learning environment provides language courses in French, Italian, Indonesian, Portuguese, and Korean, among other languages
English, Chinese and Other World Languages