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Encounter  Feel  Create
Everything starts with an encounter.
Encounters give rise to feelings.
This sensibility creates the foundation of a new age and society.
Giving form to feelings leads to creation tied to the new values required for in these times.

Our Logo

The logo is a visual design symbolizing the University.
The wave of a new era is embodied in the logo, a wave that stands for the many waves sweeping over culture and art in overlapping layers.
We wish to spread our passion for culture and art to the world with this logo.

What Makes SUAC Special

SUAC’s two faculties include Japan’s first ever Faculty of Cultural Policy and Management, and the Faculty of Design, which is based on the principles of Universal Design. Both faculties closely interact, striving for education and research that nurture broad perspectives. With over 1,500 students are enrolled, SUAC strives to expand its arena of learning through its international exchange programs.
Asia's First Fairtrade University
Asia's First Fairtrade University

Fair trade, a movement that began after World War II is a form of conscientious consumption in which people have an awareness of the comparatively weak position of producers in developing countries, and work to develop trade relationships that are as fair as possible.

The Fairtrade University system began when Oxford Brookes University was the first to be certified in 2003. Some of the five  requirements to becoming a Fairtrade University include: student groups that conduct fair-trade activities; fair-trade products are  available to purchase on university grounds: and the university must recognize and support the Fair-Trade Charter. There are now over 170 universities in the United Kingdom that are certified.

The system was introduced to Japan in 2014. In February 2018, SUAC became the first certified Fairtrade University in Asia. Currently there are two active student groups, and fair-trade products can be purchased in the campus co-op.
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