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University Overview

Hamamatsu- An International City Famous for Manufacturing, Music, Arts and Culture

The city of Hamamatsu has long flourished as a town devoted to manufacturing products that include textiles, musical instruments, and transportation equipment (vehicles and motorcycles). In recent years, new businesses in the industries such as optical technology and electronic technology have also opened their doors in Hamamatsu. The city has also become known for its commitment to music in hosting a variety of international competitions, one of which is the Shizuoka International Opera Competition, which SUAC is involved in.
Located in downtown Hamamatsu, Shizuoka University of Art and Culture was launched in the year 2000 as a university founded and operated with the assistance of the local industries of Shizuoka prefecture and Hamamatsu city. The institution became a public university of Shizuoka prefecture from 2010. Just as the city of Hamamatsu has opened itself to the world, SUAC aims to be an open university.
The population of Hamamatsu includes many non-Japanese, which makes it an advanced urban center in which multiple cultures reside in harmony. It is a very model of coexistence, with residents transcending the boundaries of language, customs, and culture that might otherwise divide. We have on our faculty unique professors who are successfully active inside of Japan and overseas, and we strive to provide education with practical applications.

Founding Philosophy

Shizuoka University of Art and Culture (SUAC) upholds two ideals that we strive to achieve in education, research, and local and international exchange.

SUAC graduates will enter the workforce with practical skills.

We educate students to possess a rich sense of humanity and a keen awareness of society and the times. Graduates will join the workforce prepared to actively engage in many fields in international society.

SUAC will contribute to society.

We will contribute to the development of the local and international communities as an open university that functions as a place for education and research bridging the local and international communities and multiple generations.
Encounter  Feel  Create
Everything starts with an encounter.
Encounters give rise to feelings.
This sensibility creates the foundation of a new age and society.
Giving form to feelings leads to creation tied to the new values required for in these times.

Our Logo

The logo is a visual design symbolizing the University.
The wave of a new era is embodied in the logo, a wave that stands for the many waves sweeping over culture and art in overlapping layers.
We wish to spread our passion for culture and art to the world with this logo.

What Makes SUAC Special

SUAC offers two faculties: Japan’s first ever Faculty of Cultural Policy and Management and the Faculty of Design, which is based on the principles of Universal Design. Through close interactions between the two, both faculty strive for education and research that nurture a broad perspective. With a student body of over 1,500, our arena of learning has been extended to foreign countries through programs such as international exchange.

Distinctive Educational and Research Activities

SUAC is providing research and education activities that make it possible for students to contribute to an enriched future society in which all people can accept their respective differences and respect each other for the comfort of all.

Universal Design

Students can learn the rationale for Universal Design which seeks to create a society and objects that are easy to use for all people, regardless of age, gender, physical ability, and language ability. The principles of Universal Design have even been incorporated into the design and details of the university’s facilities. And students are actively engaged in activities independently, such as participation and acquisition of awards in Universal Design competitions.

Cultural Diversity

The principle of multi-cultural coexistence is that people of diverse nationalities and ethnicities accept their mutual cultural differences and strive for equality. SUAC has a team of specialist professors who are proceeding forward with research, student education, and contributions to the community. Learning activities go beyond attendance at lectures and include learning support projects for children of foreign nationalities and volunteering in community events.

Arts Management

Art management refers to the management of bands, dramatic troupes, halls, theaters, art museums, etc. Characteristic of this study is that it is for the management of non-profit organizations devoted to the public good. As a member in full standing of the AAAE (Association of Arts Administration Educators), the faculty and graduate schools of SUAC provide curricula that meet international standards. Graduates of both our undergraduate program and graduate schools are currently active in art management at cultural facilities and other venues nationwide.
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