An Inspirational Campus
―― A Base of Innovative Art and Culture

The SUAC campus was designed based on the principles of Universal Design and boasts unique features such as an environmentally-friendly rooftop garden.

SUAC Plaza

Located on the second floor, the Plaza is a central gathering place for students and the public, connecting the cafeteria, the student lounge, classrooms, the library and information center, and other facilities.

Lecture Halls

SUAC's lecture halls feature the latest AV equipment and are equipped to host many kinds of presentations.

SUAC Rooftop Garden

The undulating curves of the Rooftop Garden are reminiscent of mountain ridges and surging waves. This urban oasis provides a panoramic view of the city of Hamamatsu.


The auditorium, which comfortably seats more than 600 people, serves as a venue for school events and public lectures.

Library and Information Center

The SUAC library holds approximately 230,000 books, 1,600 different newspapers and periodicals, and 7,300 audio-visual materials (CDs and DVDs, etc.). There are 230 seats including spacious study carrels, group study rooms, and an AV corner where visitors can use audio-visual materials. There are also over 100 computers available to use.

AV Section

The audio-visual materials can be viewed either at private desks or viewing stations equipped with large monitors.

Media Station

The Media Station has 70 computers available for student use.