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Department of International Culture

We develop individuals capable of cross-cultural understanding and global communication.

Learning diverse culture of the world that covers a vast expanse ranging from Literature and Art to Political Science and Economics, students take a multifaceted view of culture and art from perspectives that connect the depth of history to the present and take into account global breadth. These students are equipped with the knowledge necessary for richer sensitivity and capacity for cultural creation and development. We offer courses in seven foreign languages courses that are essential for nurturing cross-cultural understanding. Students are encouraged to experience and to deepen their understanding towards culture and society especially from the aspects of multi-cultural coexistence, Japanese cultural research, understanding of other cultures, and global cooperation, Through classes of “Global Career Design”, the Department of International Culture develops individuals who will join the workforce with extensive cultural literacy to become contributing members of the global society.

Primary Skills

Cultural literacy

Specialized Concentrations

Students are equipped with a deeper appreciation of their cultural area of study, as five different specialties are offered: Japanese Culture, East Asian Culture, Mediterranean Culture, Western European and North American Culture, and multicultural studies.
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