Associate Professor

  • Department of Intercultural Studies
  • Graduate School of Cultural Policy and Management
E-mail : j-takeda@suac.ac.jp
Research Keywords:
Sustainable Development, Fair Trade, Eco-governmentality
Degree Ph.D. (Philosophy), Yokohama National University (2016)
Selected Professional Experiences Associate Professor, Shizuoka University of Art and Culture (2021/4- )
Lecturer, Shizuoka University of Art and Culture (2019/4-2021/3)
Lecturer, University of Human Environments (2018/4-2019/3)
Assistant Professor, University of Human Environments (2016/4-2018/3)
Researcher/Postdoc, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (2014/4-2016/3)
Research Fields Development Anthropology, Environmental Sociology
Major Publications
  • "Contribution to SDGs through Consumption - A Case Study of "Environmentalization” on the Fair Trade." People and Environment. 46(3). pp.36-40. 2019. (in Japanese)
  • "Is "Tourism is not possible without peace" Correct? Essay on the relationship between murder rate and tourism." Journal of Japan Foundation for International Tourism. 4. pp.52-57. 2020. (in Japanese)
  • "Community Governance on Sea Turtle Tourism in Costa Rica - Toward a Tourism Study for the Positive Peace Building." International Tourism Review. 25. pp.7-14. 2018. (in Japanese)
  • "The role of tourism in the neo-liberal nation - A case study of community-based tourism in Costa Rica." International Tourism Review. 23. pp.55-61. 2017. (in Japanese)
  • "Aspects of Eco-governmentality on the Collaborative Resource Management - A Case Study of a Marine Turtle’s Conservation Project in Costa Rica." Journal of Costal Zone Studies. 27(3). pp.51-62. 2014. (in Japanese)
Academic Organizations The Japanese Association for Environmental Sociology
Japanese Association on the Environmental Studies
Japan Foundation for International Tourism