Dean, Graduate School of Cultural Policy and Management

  • Department of Regional Cultural Policy and Management
  • Graduate School of Cultural Policy and Management
E-mail y-kato@suac.ac.jp
Research Keywords:
Cultural Sociology, Locality and Media, Consumer Culture
Degrees Ph.D. (Arts and Sciences), Chiba University (2002)
M.A. (Literature), Chiba University (1996)
B.A. (Literature), Chiba University (1993)
Selected Professional Experiences Adjunct Researcher (Institute of Cultural and Social Studies), Waseda University (2008-2012)
Research Director, Institute for the Arts (2004-2012)
Part-time Lecturer, Chiba University (2005-2012)
Part-time Lecturer, Hamamatsu Gakuin University (2005-2009)
Research Fields Sociology, Media and Culture, Mass Communication Studies
Major Publications
  • "Kindaiteki Shimbun no Kanosei to Kosokusei" [Possibility and binding of modern newspapers]. in MINAMIZUKA Shingo ed. Joho ga Tsunagu Sekaishi [World History from Information]. Kyoto: MInervashobo. pp.103-124. 2018. (in Japanese) 
  • "Technology Toshiteno TV" [TV from a technology perspective]. in HASE Masato ed. Eizoubunka no shakaigaku [Sociology of Visual-Imagery Media]. Tokyo: Yuhikaku. pp.45-62. 2016. (in Japanese) 
  • "Shohibunka toshiteno Gendaibunka" [Contemporary Culture as a Consumer Culture]. in INOUE Shun ed. Gendaibunka wo Manabu Hito no Tameni [For Those who Study Modern Culture]. Kyoto: Sekaishisosha. pp.33-47. 2014. (in Japanese)  
  • "When Media Intersects with Life - Discourse Analysis of Survey Results about Children Watching Television in the 1950's -" Shizuoka University of Art and Culture Bulletin. 19. pp.27-36. 2018. (in Japanese)
  • KATO,Yuji., FUNATO,Shuichi., TAKEDA,Shunsuke., &SUKENARI,Yasuhi., "NHK "AKARUINOSON (MURA NO KIROKU) " Seisaku Katei to 'nogyo noson eno Manazashi no Henyo: Bangumi SeisakuSha ni taisuru Kikitorichosa wo motoni" [The Production Process of NHK's Akarui Noson-Mura no Kiroku (Documents of Villages) and the Transition of the Gaze on "Agriculture and Agricultural Communities": Based on the Interviews to the Program Creators]. Mass Communication Kenkyu [Journal of Mass Communication Studies ]. 85(0). pp.165-183. 2014. (in Japanese)   
Academic Organizations The Japan Sociological Society
The Japan Society for Studies in Journalism and Mass Communication


My research focuses on the impact of media culture on society. In particular, I have been studying the influence of mass media such as newspapers and television on my life.
Currently, I am considering whether media archaeological methodologies can be applied to the mass media.