• Department of Art Management
  • Graduate School of Cultural Policy and Management
Research Keywords:
Arts Management, Cultural Industry
Degrees Ph.D. (Commercial Science), Osaka City University (2010)
M.A. (Global Business), Osaka City University (2004)
B.A. (Literature), St. Andrew's University (1999)
Selected Professional Experiences Lecturer, Kyoto University of Foreign Language (2011-2014)
Researcher, Urban Research Plaza, Osaka City University (2010-2011)
Assistant Manager, Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation (2007-2011)
Research Fields Management
Major Publications
  • "Soshiki no Management [Organization Management]". in Matsumoto et al. Hajimari no Arts Management [Arts Management for Beginners]. Tokyo. Suiyosha. 2021. (in Japanese)
  • "Chiiki no Rekishi to Shokubunka wo toshita Kokusai Koryu [International Exchange and Local Culture in History and Food Culture]". In Matsumoto et al. Chiiki de Bunka wo Dezain suru [Design Local Community and Culture]. Kyoto. Gakugei Shuppansha. 2019 (in Japanese).
  • "Bunka Geijutsu Katsudo no Philanthropy ga motarasu Shakai Keizaiteki Kachi [Increasing Socio-Economic Value by Cultural Philanthropy" in Yamaki et al. Kigyo Keiei no Ethnography [Ethnography of Enterprise Management]. Tokyo. Toho Shuppan. 2019. (in Japanese)
  • "Dento Geino [Traditional Performing Arts]". in Japan Association for Cultural Economics eds. Bunka Keizaigaku Kiseki to Tenbou [Cultural Economics: History and Future]. Minerva Shobo. Kyoto. 2016. (in Japanese)
Academic Organizations Japan Association for Cultural Economics
Japan Association for Arts Management


I specialize in Arts Management, and my current research interests are cultural industries, particularly crafts. I have been also invovled in arts activities in health care and so-called hospital art as my lifework.