武田好 教授写真

TAKEDA Yoshimi


  • Department of Intercltural Studies
  • Graduate School of Cultural Policy and Management
Research Keywords:
Italian language, Machiavelli, Italian opera
Degree M.A. (Literature), Osaka University of Foreign Studies (1987)
Selected Professional Experiences
  • Assistant Professor, Seibi Gakuen College (2007/4-2010/3)
  • Associate Professor, Seibi Gakuen College (2010/4-2014/3)
Research Fields Italian Studies, Foreign Language Education
Major Publications
  • "Korenara Wakaru Italia-go Bunpou" [Italian grammar: from basic to advanced level]. Tokyo: NHK Syuppan. 2016. (in Japanese) Website
  • "Hyappun de Meicho《the Prince》Machiavelli". Tokyo: NHK Syuppan. 2012. (in Japanese) Website
  • "Il sorriso di Niccolò. Storia di Machiavelli". (tr.by) Yoshimi Takeda (by) Maurizio Viroli. Tokyo: Hakusuisya. 2007. (in Japanese) Website
  • "Italia opera wo gengo de yomu: Cavalleria Rusticana" [Understanding Italian opera: Cavalleria Rusticana]. Tokyo. Shogakukan. 2004. (in Japanese)
Academic Organizations Associazione di Studi Italiani in Giappone
Collegium Mediterranistarum


I worked for the NHK educational programs as an instructor and a writer for the Italian language radio course (aired for 16 semesters, 1998-2009/2018-2020), and also as an instructor for the Italian language television course (broadcasted for 4 semesters, 2012-2014).