横田 秀樹 教授写真


Dean, Department of Intercultural Studies

  • Department of Intercultural Studies
  • Graduate School of Cultural Policy and Management
E-mail h-yoko(@)suac.ac.jp
Research Keywords:
Generative Linguistics, Acquisition of Grammatical Structure, English Education
Degrees Ph.D. (Linguistics), Unversity of Essex (2011)
Selected Professional Experiences
  • Associate Professor, Kanazawa Gakuin University (2009/4-2012/3)
  • Lecturer, Gifu University of Medical Science (2006/4-2009/3)
  • English Teacher, Mie Prefectural High Schools ( -2006/3)
Research Fields Second Language Acquisition, Psycholinguistics, Foreign Language Education
Major Publications
  • Eigokyouiku no Sobokuna Gimon [Simple Questions on English Education]. Tokyo: Kuroshio Shuppan. 2014. (in Japanese)
  • "Nihongo-bogowasha niyoru Tankyori Wh-probe no Shutoku" [Acquisition of Wh-probes by Japanese Learners of English]. in SHIRAHATA Tomohiko and SUDA Koji eds. Gengo Shutoku no Oyoukanousei [Applications of language acquisition research]. Tokyo: Kuroshio Shuppan. pp.69-104. 2019. (in Japanese)
  • "The investigation of the feature inheritance hypothesis in second language acquisition." (Chapter Four) Language Acquisition and Development – Proceedings of GALA 2017. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. pp.65-81. 2018.
  • "Acquisition of Goals for Wh-Movement by Japanese L2 Learners of English." Second Language. Vol.11. pp.59-94, 2012.
  • "UG-constrained wh-movement in Japanese learners’ English questions." Second Language. Vol.5. pp.61-94. 2006.
Academic Organizations The Japan Second Language Association
The English Linguistic Society of Japan


I taught English at Mie prefectural high schools before I embarked on my postgraduate studies. I earned my Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Essex, UK, where I studied under the supervision of Professor Andrew Radford.
My dissertation investigated the second language acquisition of probes, goals and spellout in interrogative wh-chains by Japanese speaking learners of English. My current research interests include the generative approach to second language acquisition and teaching English as a foreign language.