Associate Professor

  • Department of Design(Audio and Visual Communications)
  • Graduate School of Design

E-mail hyakusoku@suac.ac.jp
Research Keywords:Media comparison, Mixed Reality, Computer Graphics

Degrees Ph.D.(Art), Nihon University (2008)
M.A. (Art), Nihon University(2003)
B.A.(Art),Nihon University(2001)
Selected Professional Experiences Associate Professor, Tokyo Polytechnic University (2017/4-2022/3)
Research Associate, Tokyo Polytechnic University (2012/9-2017/3)
Research Fields Image Arts and Sciences, Design science, Software studies
Major Publications & Design Works
  • Geijutu medlia no siza [The perspective of art and media]. Tokyo: Taiken. 2008. pp95-112. ( in Japanese)
  • "Shiryoubunnkenn kara miru 4head 2 inch VTR jidaino eizoukirkugijutu no seisakugijutu ni kannsuru Macrotekisiza" [Macro view on production technique of video recording technology in the age of 4 head 2 inch VTR from literature]. Geijutu sekai [Art world]. Tokyo Polytechnic University. 26.pp17-25. 2020. (in Japanese)
  • TV Drama ”Nettoutahime Part Shuhu ga Utattemita” [Net diva Part-time housewife tried to sing]. 2019 NHKBS. Technical director. ( in Japanese)
Academic Organizations The Society for Art & Science
Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences


Video is a comprehensive art and cannot be made without science and technology. The world of expression is a place where you can show your uniqueness, and what you express is important, but it is meaningless if you can't complete. To make a video, you need to learn science and technology and how to use it. I think it is the role of the university to systematically and efficiently research both expressions and methods.