岩崎 敏之 教授写真

IWASAKI Toshiyuki


  • Department of Design(Architecture and Landscape)
  • Graduate School of Design
E-mail t-iwasa@suac.ac.jp
Website https://be-do-see.com/structure/
Research Keywords:
Structural Design, Architectural Structure design
Degrees M.E. (Master of Engineering), Kyoto Institute of Technorogy (1989)
Selected Professional Experiences Professor, Shohoku College (2010/4-2016/3)
Associate Professor, Shohoku College (2003/4-2010/3)
Lecture, Shohoku College (1999/4-2003/3)
Professor, Institute of Traditional Japanese Architecture (1989/4-1999/3)
Research Fields Structural Design
Major Publications & Design Works
  • "A Practical Method to Encourage Concept Level Creation", Shizuoka University of Art and Culture Bulletin. 19. pp.181-186. 2019. (in Japanese)
  • "A consideration of the teaching of general engineering principles to structural design students", Shizuoka University of Art and Culture Bulletin. 17. pp.123-132. 2017. (in Japanese)
  • "Introduction to a New Design Concept for Buildings with Predetermined Service-life and Conditions of Use." Members: Toshiyuki IWASAKI, Yoshiharu KONDOH, Kenta SHINDO, Yasuhiro MORI, Masahiko KARUBE, Masami SAKAI, Yasuyuki NAGANO, Mamoru KIMURA, Taketomo SASAKI, Atsushi HAYASHI. Architectural Institute of Japan. 2021. View Details
Academic Organizations Architectural Institute of Japan
Japanese Society for the Science of Design