かわこうせい 准教授写真

KAWA Cosei

Director of Library & Information Center

  • Department of Design (Audio and Visual Communications)
  • Graduate School of Design
E-mail k-cosei@suac.ac.jp
Website http://cosei.jpn.org
Research Keywords:
Picture books, Illustrated books
Degrees M.A. (Illustration), Falmouth University (2007)
B.A. (Liberal Arts), International Christian University (1997)
Selected Professional Experiences Associate Professor, Kyoto University of Art and Design (2014/4-2016/3)
Lecturer, Kyoto University of Art and Design (2011/4-2014/3)
Children's book illustrator, Advocate-art (2007/10-2018/3)
Research Fields Children's Books, Illustration
Major Publications & Design Works
  • Carpe Diem: Sonna hi mo aru [Carpe Diem: Everyday is a good day]. Shizuoka: Fushiana-Sha. 2020. (in Japanese)
  • An Unlikely Ballerina. Minneapolis. Kar-ben Publishing. 2018. (in English)
  • The Tigon and the Liger. London. Lantana Publishing. 2016. (in English)
  • Feeding the Flying Fanellis. Minneapolis. Carolhroda Books. 2015. (in English)
  • The Three Princes. London. Harper Collins. 2011. (in English)
Academic Organizations The Association for Studies of Picture Books


Picture books are the arts which people encounter at the first stage of their lives. Even if they don’t remember what they read, it has a great influence on subsequent personality formation, and will nourish their minds to develop rich humanity and the power to live. Paul Hazard, an intellectual historian, defined a picture book as follows. “A book with a simple beauty that even children can read and understand immediately. The children will be deeply moved and will tremble both physically and mentally. The children will be able to keep their memories in their hearts for the rest of their lives.” Picture books give children and adults the wings to free their lives. Mankind should pour the best condensate of beauty and wisdom into picture books. A picture book, also known as “a narrative existence,” is the comprehensive art that organically combines illustration, composition, storytelling, graphic design, etc., and envelops various elements of visual communication design. The exchange of emotions caused by storytelling can spread across borders internationally. Picture book illustrations can transmit sympathy in a blink of an eye, overcoming language barriers and generations. Would you like to take a step towards the study of liberal arts by enjoying beautiful and innocent picture books?