高山 靖子 教授写真



  • Department of Design(Product Design)
  • Graduate School of Design
Research Keywords:
Design management, Interantional Design Education, Regionality, Universal Design
Degrees Ph.D. (Art and Science), Kobe Design University (2014)
B.A. (Design), Aichi University of the Arts and Music
Selected Professional Experiences Designer, Toshiba Corporation (1990-1997)
Part-time Lecturer, Aichi University of the Arts and Music
Associate Professor, Shizuoka University of Art and Culture (2010)
Professor, Shizuoka University of Art and Culture (2015)
Research Fields Industrial Design, Design management
Major Publications
  • DESIGN ENGLISH - Designer no tameno Tatakau Eigo - [DESIGN ENGLISH - Survival English for Japanese Designers]. Tokyo: Nanundou. 2016.
  • "Developing an International Design Workshop Methodology – Based on a design workshop between a Japanese and a Turkish University –." International Journal of Affective Engineering, Vol.17 No.2, Special Issue on ISASE 2017. pp.57-66. 2018.
  • "How can vocational aid centers (VACs) effectively function in their activities? Comparison of design management strategies among successful cases." Kansei Engineering International Journal, Vol.12 No.2. pp.59-69. 2013.
  • "Examining Effectiveness of Universal Design Education in Japan at Primary and Secondary School Level." The 4th International Conference for Universal Design in Fukuoka 2012 PROCEEDINGS. 2012. (The quality and Significance of the Paper.)
  • "Thinking and Designing with Design Thinking". Markets, Globalization & Development Review (MGDR). 2019. View Detail
Academic Organizations Japanese Society for the Science of Design
Society for Design and Art Fusing with Science and Technology


Dr. Yasuko Takayama joined Toshiba Design Center as a Product Designer and was placed in charge of Audio Visual Equipment and Home Appliances. During her time there, Dr. Takayama received three Good Design Awards. After working at Toshiba, Dr. Takayama went on to work as a freelance designer and was responsible for designing a variety of different products, including audio equipment, car accessories, and security tools.
Dr. Takayama’s research interests include “Design Management” and the role of design universities in regional communities. She received an award for quality and contribution to the field (2012) for her research on “Universal Design Management for People with Disabilities”. She also manages International Design Workshops cooperating with universities from Turkey and Poland and researches their educational effects.