UEDA Michinori


  • Department of Design(Architecture and Landscape)
  • Graduate School of Design
E-mail m-ueda@suac.ac.jp
Research Keywords:
Architecture and Interior Design, Wooden Structure, Fusion of Design and Engineering
Degrees M.A. (Architectural engineering), Osaka University (1990)
Selected Professional Experiences Designer and Deputy Senior Manager of Design Department, Takenaka Corporation (1990-2021)
Part-time lecturer, Kobe Shoin Women's University (2009-2020)
Member of the campus design expert committee, Kansai University (2011-2014)
Research Fields Architectual design, Interior design
Major Publications & Design Works
  • Bunkazai katuyou ni muketeno Chikikankyoseibi ni kansuru Kisotekikenkyu [Basic research on regional environment improvement for the utilization of cultural properties], Osaka University/Architectual Institute of Japan, Kinki branch, 1990. (in Japanese)
  • Matsuyama Dogo-Onsen Kaiwai no ichiren no Sakuhin [A series of works in the Matsuyama Dogo Onsen area].
    Dogo-Kan Guest room with open-air bath "SHOFURO 7th floor renovation" (2003)
    Dogo Glass Museum "GIYAMAN NO NIWA" (2004)
    Dogo-Kan Bar & Esthetic Salon "SYAREYA" (2005)
    Dogo-Kan Restaurant "HANASUKI" (2020)
  • Base Isolation aplied to Tsu-ten Kaku. Osaka city, Japan. 2015.
Academic Organizations Architectural Institute of Japan


I have been engaged in a wide range of design activities, including interior design, new construction, extension and renovation, and landscape. The process is characterized by building a network with the people involved, and the series of works in the Dogo area, which is the representative work, has been nurtured through dialogue with the local community, the government, and the other related parties.
Through design and actual design activities, we would like to meet diverse ideas and share the joy of providing designs that are loved by our customers and local communities.